A game plan to building your business

If you're still contemplating the idea of starting your business, let me tell you, the world isn't going to wait for you.

After starting my business back in early 2020 and going through the crazy shift of working a 9-5 for over 7 years, I felt like I should've started a lot sooner.

The feeling of a lack of fulfilment and knowing that I wasn't tapping into my full potential. Let me tell you, there's no better time to start than right now. The more time you spend contemplating rather than doing is time spent away from making any steps in the right direction.

So here it is, your game plan to start your business today.

Finding a profitable niche

A profitable business is built by first finding your niche, and the guide to finding the perfect niche requires you to be fulfilled while also fulfilling the needs of others.

The Japanese word "Ikigai" (a reason for being) best sums up the way to finding a profitable niche and building the business, not of your dreams, but reality. Because I don't do dreams, we're in this for real!

Using Ikigai to find your niche

A diagram of ikigai that will help you find your niche

By studying the diagram above you'll see It requires a combination of the following:

1. What you love
2. What the world needs
3. What you can be paid for
4. What you're good at

The absence of any one of these will see your business idea crumble. I don't want that to happen to you so guess what, here are a list of questions that are going to help you find meaning to your business idea:

1. What are you good at? Write it all down.

2. What gets you excited?

3. What industries interest you most?

4. What do consumers of that industry struggle with?

5. Is there enough demand for services in that industry?

6. What do competitors in that industry do to help?

7. How can you be better than them?

The first steps you take as a new business owner are the hardest. Now pull together a quick plan of action and then walk through that door. You don't need all the answers to start... but I recommend adding the following to your business toolkit:

1. A steady income to fund the first year or two.

2. A story that connects you to your ideal customer’s.

3. Clear understanding of your Target Audience

4. A marketing Plan to reach your customers

5. An epic identity that attracts customers.

6. A solution to people’s problems!

7. A sales strategy to convert audience to client’s

If you need help building your business identity and direction on how to stand out amongst your competitors then my services may be just what you need to guide you through your journey. Let's work together

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January 2, 2021