These Brand Identity Mistakes Will Destroy Your Business

The last thing you want is to be caught making are these mistakes.

I'm guilty myself of some on the list. Sometimes you have to live it to learn.

If losing consumer trust, loyalty, and seeing a decrease in recognition is NOT your thing, then be aware and run a mile from the following mistakes.

1. Trends

Just like fashion trends, design trends come and go. What was looked great in the 90s doesn't hold true for today.

When you see those uprising trends, don't be so quick to jump on the wagon and redesign your entire brand identity over a fad.

Those gradient effect logos with multiple colors may look nice, but they don't work always work. Having to change your entire design because of a cool idea with your logo is plain dumb.

2. Negative associations

Did you know Disney once made Hannah Montana Cherries? Google it, I'll wait. Hilarious right? Who in their right mind approved this idea?

Well, sometimes we people make stupid decisions, it's what we do! But come on, let's be smarter than that and ask, does this make sense?

To add to this, be careful whom you partner up with too. The wrong influencers could do more harm than good to a brand if the values don't match up.

3. Not thinking global

Always think beyond where your brand is today, future-proof your business, and how your message and visuals translate in other cultures.

There's a reason why large brands segment their message. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach.

Try to make sure your brand's core message is not lost in translation.

4. Inconsistency across platforms and mediums.

Why do your social channels look different from your website? Your print advertising doesn't align with your digital ads, and your signage and outdoor printing are a complete mismatch across the globe.

A cohesive brand is consistent and will make sure every element put out, be it digital or physical, aligns with the brand identity.

5. Using words that are over the top.

Think about how your brand talks for a moment. What kind of words do you use in a meeting with a client? How do you talk when networking?

Emotionally charged words are great, but sometimes we go overboard. Overusing emotionally charged words can often lead to fewer results because people see your copy as clickbait.

Use power words sparingly and at the right moment.

Are you guilty of any of these and need help to fix it? Let's talk.

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November 1, 2020