Naming and Logo Design

Brand identity concept for a premium clothing and accessory brand.


I created the Finite brand as a solution for a high quality clothing and accessory company.

The intention is for the products and service to be highly coveted, expensive and luxurious.

The solution needed to look and feel of the highest quality to appeal to customers that desire to feel pampered and luxurious.


Finite. Limited in size or extent.

Named to create a sense of scarcity.  The Finite brand’s intention is to have a very low volume of production due to the expensive procedures conducted to create the highest quality product.

Icon design

The symbol shows a broken infinity sign with a full stop.  This is to convey that the production cycle of the product is not forever.


Garamond Premier Pro Display was chosen to further enhance the feeling of luxury when you interact with the brand. I also wanted users to feel that the brand was trustworthy.

Colour palette

Business cards

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