Gleam and Gone

Brand Identity

A cleaning and removal business based in the UK. Full rebrand and naming to attract new audiences and expand into new markets.


Formerly Keith’s Cleaning and Removals, the newly started company sought to define its customers, and map out an approach that would connect them to their customers. The Founder of the company approached Bobble Branding to help establish his brand and create an identity that would appeal to his customers.


The naming of the brand was designed to reflect the services the business has to offer. Gleam means to reflect light, and when a surface gleams, we associate it with being clean. Gone describes his removal service. We agreed this was a perfect combination of words to create a name that is catchy and memorable.

Logo design

In order to be effective, the identity for Gleam and Gone needed to look neat and organised. It also needed to look well established and reliable.



Libre Baskerville was was chosen as the primary typeface. The serif font helps to represent a trustworthy voice.

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