Logo and Identity Design

Conceptual Logo and Website Design for a fintech startup. The company provides a platform where both banking and investments can be carried out.


I created the Koble brand as a solution for investments and banking to be carried out all in one platform.

The design is ideal for any startup within the technology space.


The word Koble is Swedish, it means connect.

Named because the solution aims to bring both banking and investments together under one platform. Making the live’s of investors easier to move their money into new ventures quickly and easily.

Logo design

The Koble wordmark is a custom created wordmark. I used basic geometric shapes to build the lettering and then customised the corners of the K and the L for a custom finish.

The wordmark is encased in a circle to represent the connectivity of the product.


Lato was chosen as the font for all communications. I chose this font as it looks elegant while maintaining a corporate professional feel.

UI Design

Below are some conceptual designs of the website.

App icon

I also designed a variation for app usage. I opted for stacking the wordmark to promote higher visibility when used on a small screen.

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