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About Robbie Murray.

I help entrepreneurs get noticed online and attract their dream clients.

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Do you have a business idea that you've been struggling to communicate. A passion that you want to share with the world but not really sure how to get the word out there? Perhaps you're not even sure who needs what you have to offer yet and you want help to pull this information together and turn your idea into a reality.

This is where a brand strategy comes in.


With 10+ years of experience in a global market, working in the corporate finance and technology sectors and developing marketing collateral for global Fintech companies, corporate treasury events, and the world's leading banks. I now use my marketing, design and brand development expertise to help you get your brand seen.


My goal is to connect creative entrepreneurs and businesses to their ideal audience and attract clients by cutting out the noise and unleashing their brand’s full potential using brand strategy, coaching, and design.


I am here to help as many entrepreneurs build a business that they love and create brands that attract attention. By sharing what I know with the world, and make branding fun, this is possible.

Do you need help launching your brand, or require a rebrand? Let’s discuss your requirements and unleash a brand that stands out.


Core Values



Positivity, fun, and energy are infused into the way I work. It is my main driver and that special something that makes me so unique.

Core Values



I have a big heart and will always embrace and understand your needs. Through that understanding I can ensure that your needs are met!

Core Values



I am committed to helping you uncover your purpose and defining your brand. I am here for you every step of the way.

Core Values



I believe in effective communication, by taking the time to understand your business on a deeper level, I can guide you properly through the brand creation process and do right by you and your business.

Core Values



Regardless of wealth or background, age, you name it! I believe everybody should be treated equally, everyone deserves the opportunity to build a business that they love.

Create your brand.

Do you need help launching your brand, or want to attract more clients? Let’s discuss and unleash your brand potential.